How to Use AI to Become a Copywriter (Make $5000 a Month)

Copywriting using AI - How to Use AI to Become a Copywriter (Make $5000 a Month)

AI copywriting has been a popular tool for marketers and advertisers for a few years now.

Honestly, almost everyone who has promoted a product most likely has seen some sort of copywriting.

Copywriters who utilize AI can create compelling content that grabs attention – no matter the medium. 

With AI-generated copy, you can expect higher engagement rates and better results from your campaigns. 

Whether you’re looking to write blog posts, social media captions, or even long-form articles, AI copywriting has you covered.

What is an AI Copywriter?

An AI copywriter is a powerful tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically generate high-quality, engaging content for marketing and advertising.

It can be used to create long-form blog posts, social media captions, emails and more – all tailored to your specific needs.

With AI copywriting, you can easily customize the tone of voice and background of your brand identity so that it aligns with who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish.

Plus, you’ll never have to worry about writer’s block again!

What makes AI copywriting special?

For one, it’s able to generate copy with remarkable speed and accuracy.

It also allows writers to customize their content based on brand identity and tone of voice, creating more personalized experiences for readers.

Plus, you can use AI copywriting to target specific keywords, making sure your content lands at the top of search engine rankings.

Investing in AI copywriting could be just what you need to take your marketing efforts to the next level.

It’s easy to see why so many businesses are turning to AI copywriting for their campaigns.

Not only does it make content creation faster and easier, but it also offers great potential for improved ROI.

Is Using AI for Copywriting Ethical?

AI copywriting has become increasingly popular in recent years, and for good reason; it’s a cost-effective way to create engaging content quickly.

But when it comes to ethical considerations, AI can pose some unique challenges.

After all, the accuracy and reliability of AI writing depends on the data it is trained on, and potential bias could lead to misrepresentation.

Additionally, training language-learning models requires a lot of energy, thus creating an environmental impact.

Moreover, there’s a risk of “learning losses” if we over-rely on AI tools, leading us to neglect our own writing skills.

Finally, while “rewriter” tools help with preserving original meaning, they should not be used as a replacement for human creativity.

All these points must be taken into consideration when using AI for copywriting.

In the next section, I am going to give you a step-by-step answer, so you can get started as soon as possible.

How to Become a Copywriter (Utilizing AI)

Here are three steps on how you can become a successful copywriter by leveraging AI:

1) Identify the type of copywriting you want to focus on.

The type of copywriting options include:

Brand copywriting
SEO copywriting
Social media copywriting
Ad copywriting
Conversion copywriting
Leadership copywriting
Email copywriting

If you want to learn more about each type of copywriting, click here.

2) Leverage AI writing software

Using AI writing software, such as Jasper AI or Copy AI, can allows you to store keywords and topics within the system so that you can easily access them while creating content.

Additionally, it offers personalized feedback and suggestions based on analysis of your copy, helping you to ensure your copy is optimized and engaging.

3) Start Marketing Yourself!

Build a website or portfolio showcasing some of your work and make sure it’s SEO optimized (so you can rank on Google or Bing).

You can also join freelance networks like Fiverr to promote your services.

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of social media platforms like Twitter and LinkedIn to connect with potential clients.

By utilizing the power of AI, you can become a successful copywriter and increase your income potential.

With the right tools and strategies, you can make the most of your talents and reach new heights in the field.

What is the Best Paid AI Copywriting Software?

After experimenting with many copywriting tools, Jasper AI (formerly known as Jarvis AI) and Copy AI ended up being the two I landed on.

Both have their advantages and disadvantages, so let’s take a look at them in closer detail.

Note: Even though I am affiliates for both of tools, I genuinely believed these were the top performers compared to all of the other tools.

Jasper AI Key Features

Content Generation: Jasper AI (Jarvis AI) can produce a certain amount of words on your topic with just a few hints (It’s capable of creating AI blog content, long-form AI content, and captions for social media)
SEO Keywords: Make sure your content ranks higher with Jasper’s keyword input tool (able to insert up to three keywords)
Content Lookback: With this feature, Jasper writes new words based on previous paragraphs and sentences to ensure everything makes sense
Tone of Voice Adjuster: Customize your content’s tone by setting it yourself – no multiple choice options here
Sentence Rewriting: Use the ‘rephrase’ tool to generate different ways to say the same thing if needed
Templates: Get off to a quick start with a selection of templates ranging from product reviews to cold emails

Here is what it would look like if you were writing copy for a Facebook ad:

Jasper Facebook Ads Template 1024x564 - How to Use AI to Become a Copywriter (Make $5000 a Month)


  • Tools to help break writer’s block quickly and provides efficient writing that saves time
  • Generates almost 100% original copy, so no need to worry about someone else having the same ideas as yours
  • Great customer support
  • AI copywriters community where they can exchange tips and knowledge
  • Better for long-form content


  • Occasional glitches that generate irrelevant content
  • Sometimes Requires human editing (Most tools require this at these prices)
  • Plagiarism checker goes by the ‘Paid per check’ system

Jasper AI Pricing

Starter: $24/month for 20,000 words
Boss Mode: $49/month for 50,000 words

If you’re a video learner, check out this insightful review from Essetino Media on Jasper AI:

Note: You can adjust the slider to change the number of words you can generate a month, which will change the pricing (By the way, Jasper AI also has a 5-day free trial).

Property 1 Social Media Icon Round Square - How to Use AI to Become a Copywriter (Make $5000 a Month)

Help you or your team create content tailored for your brand 10X faster, wherever you work online.

Copy AI Key Features

Huge Selection of Copywriting Templates: Get access to a wide variety of templates designed by experts that can be used to create SEO-optimized copywriting quickly and easily
Relevant And Unique Copy Results: With AI-driven algorithms, Copy AI is capable of creating unique and relevant content with no plagiarism
Multi-Language Support: Create great copy for over 25 languages
Chrome Extension: Instantly generate copy on any web page or website with the Copy AI Chrome extension
Content Quality: Copy AI ensures quality content with its advanced artificial intelligence-powered tools
In-built Plagiarism Checker: This feature helps you check if the content generated is free from any plagiarized material
Copy AI Image - How to Use AI to Become a Copywriter (Make $5000 a Month)
Image credits: Niche Pursuits


  • Uses GPT-3 which provides highly effective results for landing pages, ads, blogs, etc
  • Smooth onboarding and easy to understand even for beginner copywriters
  • Great for those who lack fresh ideas or often get writer’s block
  • Copy AI has a strong community to exchange advice with others
  • Better for short-form content


  • Keywords must be clearly defined when inputting instructions into the system otherwise you may get a result you did not want
  • Sometimes the results may require further human editing.

Copy AI Pricing

Pro: $49/month
Pro (Yearly): $36/month

If you’re a visual learner, check out this helpful review from Marketing Island on Copy AI:

Copy AI Icon Circle - How to Use AI to Become a Copywriter (Make $5000 a Month)

Copy AI is an AI-powered content writing tool that automates your content workflow using natural language processing and deep learning. It’s easy to get started. Upload your raw text, and Copy AI will do the rest.

What is the Best Free AI Copywriting Software?

Without a doubt, ChatGPT is the best free copywriter for AI on the market.

With the recent release of OpenAI’s GPT-4, it’s able to deliver an unbeatable product (possibly even better than some paid tools if you use it correctly).

With advanced features like image input (which is coming out very soon) and natural language processing, ChatGPT can help you create perfect copy in no time.

You’ll be able to generate original content that has never been seen before – all at lightning speed.

ChatGPT Key Features

Natural Language Processing (NLP): Understands how people communicate with each other and can craft replies accordingly.
Image Input: Capable of using images as input to generate more detailed responses
Advanced filtering: Prevents answers to malicious or harmful questions
Easy to use interface: Intuitive design allows users to quickly become experts in generating perfect copy
Prompt Input: Allows the users to input almost any prompt imaginable to achieve the users desired output

Here is an example of a users ChatGPT Prompt (the top part) and ChatGPTs output to that prompt:

ChatGPT Image Example - How to Use AI to Become a Copywriter (Make $5000 a Month)


  • Quick and easy to use
  • Produces high-quality results
  • Generates unique content
  • Very affordable
  • Can create whatever you want (if you know how to use it properly)


  • Limited options for customization
  • Can be noticeable that it is written by a chatbot

ChatGPT Pricing


Plus: $20/month

Copywriting is just one of many side hustles that people can profit off from.

If you’re looking for more lucrative side hustles, click here.


Leveraging AI in copywriting is a great way to become successful.

By identifying the type of copywriting you want to focus on and utilizing AI writing software, such as Jasper AI or Copy AI (or even ChatGPT), you will be able to create optimized and engaging content more efficiently.

Finally, don’t forget to market yourself by building a website or portfolio showcasing your work, joining freelance networks, and taking advantage of social media platforms.

With the right tools and strategies, you can make the most of your talents and reach new heights in the field of copywriting with AI.

15 of the Best Copywriting Prompts of All Time

Do you want to learn about the latest and most efficient copywriting prompts (for ChatGPT)?

Prompting is the future of the world, and getting ahead is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Here are the 15 of the best copywriting prompts ever made (that are new, unique, and productive):

Note: #10 on the list is a the most useful

I’m looking for a [type of text] that will speak directly to the needs and paints points of my [ideal customer persona] and persuade them to take [desired action] with a sense of urgency and strong offer.
I need a [type of text] that will showcase the value and benefits of my to [ideal customer persona] and convince them to take [desired action] with social proof and credibility-building elements.
I’m looking for a [type of text] that will clearly explain the features and benefits of my to [ideal customer persona] and persuade them to make a purchase with a strong call-to-action.

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