Is Driving for DoorDash Worth It? (2023) – The Ultimate Guide to Dashing

Driving worth it DoorDash 1160x628 - Is Driving for DoorDash Worth It? (2023) - The Ultimate Guide to Dashing

Are you tired of being tied to a desk job, stuck in an office day after day? Are you looking for the freedom to work on your own terms and make extra cash at the same time? DoorDash might just be the answer.

With its tantalizing promise of flexibility and independence, it’s no wonder that so many people are signing up – but is driving for DoorDash worth it? Let’s find out!

To determine if delivering food through DoorDash is actually worth it, we need to look beyond the promises and get down to facts.

We’ll examine how much money drivers stand to make by joining DoorDash compared to other gig economy jobs available today, what types of requirements one must meet before becoming a driver and whether there are any hidden costs associated with becoming a driver.

By exploring these topics in depth, we can gain insight into whether becoming a driver for DoorDash truly is worth it or not.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Become A Dasher?

DoorDash requires you to be a minimum age of 18 years old in the United States (as well as Canada) to become a dasher.

Once registered, you can login with your username and password, or through the DoorDash Support page if you’re having trouble accessing your account.

If you meet the minimum requirements and are interested in becoming a DoorDash Dasher, why not give it a try? It could be worth it!

What Is It Like To Deliver For DoorDash?

“Time is money,” and as a DoorDash driver, you can make your time count.

The DoorDash driver app allows you to track orders easily, receive payment quickly, and have the freedom to work when it suits you.

So, to answer the question, it feels pretty good to work for DoorDash.

Flexibility within your schedule without sacrificing too much income potential compared to other jobs that require commitment is pretty enticing.

Additionally there are promotions available through the DoorDash platform which offer extra incentives like bonuses or surge pricing during peak hours.

Do People Who Deliver For DoorDash Make Good Money?

So, do people who deliver for DoorDash make good money?

The answer is (truthfully), It depends on how often you drive and where you’re located.

According to some reports, customers may not always be generous with their tips, but the number of deliveries can really add up if you get busy peak hours.

Generally speaking most drivers report making between $10-$20 per hour after subtracting expenses like gas costs.

DoorDash pays its drivers a base rate plus any customer tips when they complete a delivery. Depending on the city and demand, peak pay can significantly increase your earnings.

For example, Drivers in cities like San Francisco have reported high earning potentials ($21 – $31) due to increased levels of activity during peak periods.

If you frequently accept orders from popular restaurants, then it’s likely that you’ll see decent earnings while driving for DoorDash.

Can You Survive Full Time With DoorDash?

It is possible to survive full-time with DoorDash, but it depends on a variety of factors.

How much you can make as a DoorDash driver will depend upon your location, the availability of orders and promotions, and how many hours you are willing to work.

With the right strategy and use of DoorDash tips, drivers can earn more than what they would from a traditional job. However, there isn’t necessarily any guarantee that you’ll be able to sustain yourself solely on DoorDash earnings.

DoorDash jobs offer flexibility in terms of working hours, so if you need extra money or just want some additional income then this may be an option for you.

If you’re looking for something long-term though, it’s important to look into all the pros and cons before committing fully to being a DoorDash driver.

Some pros and cons of being a Dasher consist of:


  • Flexibility
  • Ability to choose when to work
  • Able to keep 100% of the tips your earn
  • DoorDash sending information straight to your phone about when Peak Pay and hotspots


  • No hourly pay (if it isn’t busy, you may be making less money than usual)
  • Have to sign up for a shift in advance before dashing
  • Tips often vary (and can sometimes even be unpredictable)

If you want to look into the reviews of being a dasher, considering looking into Indeed’s Dasher reviews or Glassdoor’s Dasher reviews.

Ultimately deciding whether or not being a full time DoorDashers worth it comes down to personal preference – only by taking time to research your options thoroughly can one decide what works best for them.

What Are The DoorDash Driver Requirements?

You’ll need to provide a few things in order to become a DoorDash driver:

A valid driver’s license
Your insurance
A clean driving record (must pass a background check as well)
An iPhone or Android smartphone that you can download the dasher app with
Your society security number

The signup process (along with the requirements to sign up) make it easy to get on the road and start dashing.

DoorDash offers plenty of support for its drivers too—you can contact their customer care team anytime if you have questions about anything from taxes to payment processing.

They even offer tips and advice on how best to manage your deliveries so that you can maximize earnings while providing efficient customer service every step of the way.

How Do You Sign Up to Become a Dasher?

Here are the following steps to sign up:

Go to the DoorDash signup page and register your email (Click here to go to the signup page)
Submit your first name, last name, phone number, and go to the next page
Create a password the click on “Continue”
Select your vehicle type, driver’s license state, driver’s license number, and check the box only if your vehicle is insured, then click on “Continue”
Now, enter your information that is required in order for DoorDash to submit a background check (this step includes your birthday and social security number
Read through the disclosures and click on “Continue” (Optional: you can recieve a free copy of your background check report by checking the box next to it)
Download the Dasher app and wait for your background check to be verified

Is DoorDash Better Than A Regular Job?

Leaving the security of a traditional job to become an independent contractor for DoorDash can seem daunting. But is it really worth it?

To answer this question, let’s compare DoorDash with a regular job:


With DoorDash you have more control over your own schedule and can choose when and where to work. You don’t need to wait for someone else to approve or deny time off requests.

Earnings Potential

Depending on how often you work and the number of orders completed, DoorDash drivers can make significantly more money than they would at most traditional jobs.

Working Conditions

As an independent contractor, you get to decide:

What kind of vehicle you drive
How much distance you cover between deliveries
Whether or not you drive with a passenger in the car

Additionally, customers typically provide ratings after their order has been delivered so drivers can see feedback about themselves which helps them adjust working conditions accordingly.

Peace Of Mind

Knowing that extra cash is coming in each month without having someone breathing down your neck makes being part of the DoorDash community quite appealing (compared to other jobs where bosses may be demanding higher standards than necessary).

Nowadays people crave freedom above all else – something that only comes hand-in-hand with signing up for DoorDash.

Can You Write Off Gas And Mileage For DoorDash?

Driving for DoorDash can be an ideal way to make money while having the flexibility of setting your own hours. But what about taxes? Can you write off gas and mileage expenses when working with DoorDash?

The answer is yes, but there are certain conditions that must be met in order to qualify.

DoorDash doesn’t pay for gas or delivery fees directly; however, they do offer free deliveries on some orders.

On top of this, if you decide to accept cash payments from customers then DoorDash does take a 2% fee out of those transactions.

So, this means that any additional costs associated with accepting cash will have to come out of your pocket.

When filing your taxes at the end of the year, you may be able to deduct all applicable business-related transportation costs (as long as they meet IRS guidelines) such as:

Parking fees

You’ll also need records showing total miles driven compared with total miles used exclusively for work purposes during the tax year.

Ultimately, being aware of these details can help maximize your deductions and save money in the long run!

Do People Typically Tip On DoorDash?

Do people typically tip on DoorDash? Absolutely. According to a survey of 1,000 DoorDash customers, 88% reported that they always tipped delivery drivers when ordering through the app.

Furthermore, while tipping isn’t required, the majority of those surveyed said it was important to them as a way of saying thank you for their quality service.

Here is a breakdown of the tipping to non-tipping percentages:

What percentage of participants tipped?How did they feel about tipping?Did they know how much to tip?
Source: WealthBiscuit Research Team
What percentage of participants did NOT tip?How did they feel about tipping?Did they know how much to tip?
12%Unaware/Not NecessaryNo/Unsure
Source: WealthBiscuit Research Team

When deciding whether or not to download the DoorDash App and become a driver yourself, you should consider what your tips will be like from customers.

Every order comes with a base pay, but if you have repeat customers who are generous tippers, then this can add up quickly.

Of course, there is no guarantee as some customers may be more frugal than others when it comes to giving tips so this could vary week by week.

How Much Can You Make A Week With DoorDash?

So, is driving for DoorDash worth it? In short, yes!

As a DoorDash driver, you have the freedom to make your own schedule and choose when and where you work.

Because of the flexibility DoorDash provides, many drivers make a solid income.

Here are some earnings facts about Dashers:

The average hourly earnings are between $15-$25/hr
Drivers typically earn more than minimum wage in most states
Some experienced drivers can easily make upwards of $30/hr

DoorDash also offers additional incentives such as bonuses for completing orders quickly or referring new customers.

What does this mean? it means that if you’re willing to put in the effort, there’s potential to increase your earnings even further.

Plus, since all orders are paid out through direct deposit weekly – you get paid fast and don’t need to worry about trips to the bank or waiting on a check.

Are You Able to See How Much You Are Getting Paid Before Accepting a DoorDash Order?

Yes! You’re able to see how much each delivery will pay you before accepting it.

You also have access to order information like estimated distance and time needed so you can decide which deliveries fit best into your schedule.

By strategically picking up higher-paying orders, drivers can maximize their profits while still maintaining plenty of free time.

All these factors add up making DoorDash an attractive option for those looking for flexible gigs with good earning potential.

Is it Safe to Drive for DoorDash?

Driving for DoorDash is generally considered a safe activity.

That said, there are certain risks that come with the job, such as car accidents or unsafe neighborhoods.

If you do run into any issues, DoorDash provides a 24/7 customer support services that can answer any of your questions or issues.

You’re able to contact DoorDash’s support team via phone or email using their support number and address listed on their website.

There may even be independent companies offering insurance policies for drivers who use DoorDash regularly, so it’s worth looking into those options too.

United States/Canada DoorDash Customer Support Number

+1 (855) 431-0459

Overall, Dashing should not put anyone at risk from an external perspective; however, precautions should always be taken when dealing with personal finances and transportation safety matters.

How Much Money Can a DoorDash Driver Make in a Night?

Making money as a DoorDash driver can be quite lucrative.

The amount of money you make in a night will depend on:

The hours you work
Where you are delivering
How many orders you complete

As a DoorDash driver, it is up to you when and how much time you want to put into your job.

You could choose to take an hour or two at night for some extra cash, or you could set aside full days during which to deliver food.

Generally speaking, drivers earn approximately $10-$15 per delivery plus tips.

So, if you were able to do 10 deliveries in a night, then that would add up to roughly $100-$150 before tip earnings!

Tip: Delivering during ‘Peak Pay’ hours is often the most lucrative time to delivery for DoorDash

What Are the Best Tips for Delivering With DoorDash?

DoorDash is a great way to make extra money. But it’s important to know the tips and tricks that can help you maximize your earnings.

Here are some of the five best tips when delivering for DoorDash:

Discover the most profitable area to dash
Learn the best time to dash around your area
Optimize your tax deductions
Know which orders to accept and which ones to not
Use customer service tools (if you encounter any problems)

How Long Does It Take to Get Your First Paycheck From DoorDash?

The answer depends on how quickly you complete orders as a DoorDash driver.

After the signup process, each order will be paid out within two days after completion via direct deposit.

This means that even if you only do one delivery per day, you could expect to receive payment by the end of the week!

So while becoming a DoorDash driver may require some initial effort, waiting around for your first paycheck won’t be an issue – just keep delivering those orders and watch your earnings add up!


As we’ve seen, DoorDash can be a great way to make some extra cash. It takes no time at all to sign up for an account and get started driving with them.

However, the amount of money you actually make depends on your commitment level and how many orders you decide to take on.

Ultimately, whether it is worth it for you will depend on the type of job you want: part-time, casual or full-time.

Also, you need to consider if this work fits into your lifestyle and budget needs.

With flexible hours and easy access to jobs through their app, becoming a dasher could be just what you need to jumpstart a side hustle!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Is The Customer Service With DoorDash?

When it comes to customer service, DoorDash sets the bar high.

Their commitment to providing quality service is evident from the moment you contact them.

They are always friendly and willing to go above and beyond with their help.

Does DoorDash Provide Any Insurance For Delivery Drivers?

Yes. Here’s a look at what kinds of coverage you can get:

Workers’ Compensation Insurance: This type of coverage helps provide medical care and income protection for employees who have suffered an injury while working with DoorDash.
Liability Insurance: This covers any damages that may be caused by your vehicle during deliveries, such as property damage or personal injuries incurred by third parties due to your negligence while driving.
Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage: In case you’re involved in an accident where the other driver doesn’t carry enough auto insurance, this type of coverage will help cover expenses related to the incident like medical bills or lost wages from missed work days while recovering from injuries sustained in the crash.

Note: Insurance only applies to accidents that occur while the Dasher is on an active delivery.

Is There A Minimum Number Of Deliveries That Must Be Completed In Order To Stay Active On The Platform?

No. You can decide to dash whenever you want without the fear of getting laid off!

Are There Any Additional Fees Associated With Being A Dasher?

Most notably, there are commission fees that DoorDash deducts from each delivery.

These vary depending on the city and type of order placed, so they may not be consistent across all deliveries.

In addition to this commission fee, some locations also charge sales tax which must be factored into your overall earnings per delivery.

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