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Accountant | App Developer | Growth Marketer

Charlie DeZube


Who is Charlie DeZube?

Hi, I’m the owner of WealthBiscuit. I am an accountant and a former growth marketer on a mission to help everyday people in leveraging AI to improve their lives and transform side hustles into thriving businesses.

My experience as an accountant has taught me the art of utilizing numbers to our advantage, enabling data-driven decisions that lead to success.

As a growth marketer, I’ve gained insights into scaling a business beyond generic outreach and driving meaningful conversions.

Furthermore, my experience in app development stemmed from a prototype I created called Attendi. Its main objective was to reduce attendance time and alleviate attendance-related burdens for both teachers and students.

So, how did I end up here? It’s simple: I aspired to write helpful and informative articles, giving people a second chance in life to try something new.

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AI can boost your productivity and reselling aged domains is a gold mine. Read more to discover more gold mines.


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