Meet The Team

Meet the founder and researcher: Charlie DeZube

Charlie is the founder and researcher behind WealthBiscuit, a website dedicated to helping you help money with upcoming technology. Charlie’s two older brothers constantly pushed him to succeed while growing up in a family of five in Overland Park, KS. Thanks to their encouragement, Charlie developed a deep passion for the technology field at a young age.

In his free time, Charlie enjoys lifting weights, hanging out with friends, and exploring the web. His dedication to personal growth and improvement extends to his professional pursuits as well.

Charlie is currently a student at Kansas State University, where he is studying Business Administration with a focus in finance. By choosing to dual minor in leadership and computer science, Charlie”s education lines right up with what he talks about.

Charlie created WealthBiscuit as a way to share his insights and new discoveries within the evolving technology world with others.

By sharing his insights and new discoveries, Charlie is dedicated to helping people learn about building wealth with technology just the way he did. Thanks for joining us, and we hope you’ll continue to follow along on Charlie’s journey as he helps you navigate the complex world of technology and money.

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